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How Preston 151 Line grew and grew and grew

Known primarily on northeastern and Midwestern highways by its iconic orange and white trucks, Preston Trucking Co. (The 151 Line), aka Preston 151, was founded in 1932 in the Chesapeake Bay town of Preston, Maryland. The company was started by a canned goods wholesaler, Albert W. Sisk and his sons, who had difficulty shipping small amounts of their products via rail routes. A.T. Blades, one of the company’s accountants, suggested that the company start its own small transportation division. With a $500 loan from his employer, Blades was put in charge of the small endeavor. At first, Preston Trucking Co. transported produce from farms on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to cities across the Chesapeake Bay. The small, irregular loads that Preston (and many other carriers) transported would later be known as less-than-truckload, or LTL… read more >

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