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How Sonic The Hedgehog Became An Innovative Technology Trailblazer

It’s hard to believe that Sonic the Hedgehog is nearly 30 years old. Racing onto the Sega Genesis in 1991, the sprightly hedgehog quickly became a veritable video game icon and new Sega mascot — and a tech trailblazer.

Technological innovation is a fascinating part of Sonic’s history, informing the character’s evolution over time. During the 16-bit generation, Sega experimented with Genesis add-ons like the moderately successful Sega CD, and the ill-fated 32X. In 1995, It released what was essentially a portable Genesis, the Sega Nomad. The company produced a full-color handheld at a time when Nintendo’s Game Boy still rocked a dot-matrix display. Its cable-based content delivery service, the Sega Channel, took being a Sega fan to an entirely new level. Each innovation met with mixed success, but Sega surged forward, taking its flagship franchise in different technological directions along the way… read more >

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