How to Become a Regular at a Texas Dive Bar

I started writing professionally about bars in Texas sixteen years ago, concentrating on my favorite category of watering hole, the dive bar, mainly because it can be divisive. That’s also why I wrote Texas Dives: Enduring Neighborhood Bars of the Lone Star State with Austin photographer Kirk Weddle after getting to know the people who own, work at, and frequent dive bars. I’ll save you $35 right now and reveal the book’s big lesson: nobody’s ever unhappy about being at a dive… read more >

Club Schmitz 1946 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt


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While today, Bonjour Jeans are but a footnote in the annals of ’80s fashion, they’re truly a case study in the American dream. Founded in

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Max is my Copilot

Oh, so THAT is what those little windows are for – so trucker’s four legged copilots can see out 😏 Parry Trucking 1978 Vintage Men’s

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Nova Vibes

The Chevy Nova has always been the working man’s muscle car, and from the looks of this one, it’s doing much work. Turbo-Jet 427 1966

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Blue Dreams

Pretty sure this isn’t an Earl Scheib paint job 😏

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