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Hudson Brothers

The Hudson Brothers were an American musical group formed in Portland, Oregon, consisting of brothers Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson, and Mark Hudson. They were discovered by a record producer while recording music at a local studio and offered a recording contract. After releasing several garage rock singles in the late 1960s as The New Yorkers, the group began releasing material under the names Everyday Hudson, and Hudson. They garnered fame as teen idols in the 1970s after making an appearance on The Sonny & Cher Show, which resulted in their performing in their own variety half-hour series for CBS, The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show, which ran from 1974 to 1975. They also released numerous hit singles during this time for producer Bernie Taupin, including “So You Are a Star” (1974), “Rendezvous” (1975), “Lonely School Year” (1975), and “Help Wanted” (1976). Their The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show’s introduction was featured in 2021 in Family Guy episode 361 “And Then There’s Fraud” as a cutaway scene which we’ve included below.

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