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Hulk Camino

Let’s say you were sitting around the shop listening to some White Zombie, drinking whiskey, and looking at Ratfink art when you were suddenly inspired to build something insane. We don’t know that is the actual origin story of ITW Hot Rods built 1959 Hulk Camino, but it seems quite plausible. After fabricating a custom chassis, owner Chris Walker went to work on a 59 El Camino with a cutoff wheel and welder and created what looks like a life-size Hot Wheels car. Powering this monster is a Dart Machinery 400ci small block, packing forged Diamond Pistons and a lightweight Callies Performance Products crankshaft, and topped off with a 6-71 Blower Drive Service blower. The 800 horsepower it generates is transmitted through a Monster Transmission & Performance 700R4 transmission coupled to a Strange Engineering Dana 60 rear end. Where the rubber meets the road, you will find American Racing Wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels rubber and backed up by Wilwood Disc Brakes. Source >

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