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Humpin’ to Please

This phrase probably has a slightly different connotation today, but back in the day, humpin’ meant to work harder than the next guy to get the job done and that is why Midwest trucking company Campbell “66” Express chose it as their tagline.

Campbell “66” Express, Inc. was founded by Franklin George Campbell in Springfield, Missouri, in 1926. The company was initially named Campbell Fuel and Transfer, but transitioned to trucking in 1933 when a banker asked Campbell if he would take over Rapid “66” Express, an ailing trucking company in the area. Rapid “66” Express operated from Springfield to St. Louis, Missouri along Route 66. Campbell agreed, and Campbell “66” Express was formed.

Campbell “66” Express was known throughout the Midwest for its mascot – a camel named Snortin’ Norton – and its slogan – “Humpin’ to Please.” After the company added refrigerated service, its refrigerated trailers featured the phrase “Humpin’ to Freeze.”

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was given authority by the U.S. Congress to regulate the trucking industry in 1935. The ICC regulated nearly every aspect of interstate truck transportation. Those trucking company operators who could prove they had provided regular service between cities were awarded authority by the ICC to continue that service… read more >

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