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Hurricane Cafe

Without question, The Hurricane Cafe was Seattle’s quintessential greasy spoon and the combination of always being open and the great Belltown location meant it was where everyone seemed to wind up after taking in a show. Opened in 1994 by the people that owned Beths Café on Aurora, they wanted a new spot that could be another Beth’s, yet closer to the city. As far as all-night diner’s go, you couldn’t beat The Hurricane Cafe. Breakfast anytime with huge omelets and bottomless hashbrowns as well as killer shakes, burgers, fries, and nachos. Oh, and they also had a full bar serving up some pretty mean drinks as well. It was probably best described as a comfortable dive bar that opened up a diner and made it awesome. The music was usually loud and so were the patrons, so it all worked out.

Sadly, after a twenty-year run, The Hurricane Cafe became yet another casualty of Amazon’s takeover of the city as their highly desirable standalone location with an attached parking lot was a hot property gobbled up by Amazon’s cuter, smaller-sounding real estate arm, Acorn Development LLC. While the space and its iconic parking lot logo mural may be gone, we still have our memories and lots of blurry photos, so take a few to click through the gallery below and remember the good times at The Hurricane. Seattle sucks now 🙁

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