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I decided I would photograph only what was real

“I was born in small town Iowa and grew up with my dad in Kentucky. My dad collected cans for two years to send me to art boarding school in Michigan in my junior year. After dropping out midyear, I realized I didn’t like “normal” art or conceptual bullshit. From then, I decided I would photograph only what was real.

At 18, I decided I didn’t want to be poor anymore, by 19 I was sleeping on a couch in Chicago, working at my first club. I met a lot of girls during this time, some of the toughest, jaded angels. I started photographing them, catching both the rough exterior as well as the unseen softness beneath. The beauty and the ugliness together. Here is a small collection of what I have gathered thus far, focusing on the behind the scenes lives of dancers, cam girls and various girls in the industry.” – Cherry View Cherry’s gallery >

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