I hope I’m learning something…

“Look, it’s no fun playing by yourself. Try it. Everybody’s got something to offer. Human beings are all different. He might play it this way, he might play it that way, and I might play it the other way. You can play a scale many ways, have an idea many ways. Well, I guess I’m getting more mature as I grow older. I hope so, anyway. I hope I’m learning something. You can’t be stepping on people, now—music–wise or any other way. You can dislike what they do, without having to bug the cat who’s doing it. Maybe you can pass a little hint now and then—what he’s doing wrong. But you’re not supposed to try and correct him too much. He’s got a mind of his own. You got two painters—they’re going to paint the same picture. Each sees it in his mind’s eye his own way. So you got two different pictures.” – Sonny Stitt

Bud’s Jazz Records Seattle 1982 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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