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“If you can think of something, you can create it”

“If you can think of something, you can create it”

Unlike many show rods of the 1960s, “The Uncertain-T” was a fully functioning hot rod. Steve learned to weld aluminum so he could make a short boxed aluminum frame. The frame also provided extra cooling via an electric water pump that circulated coolant from the radiator through the frame. The engine was a Hilborn fuel-injected 1957 Buick “Nailhead” engine that he had bored and stroked to 384 cubic inches. Buick’s engines were very popular for street rods back in the day, as they were narrow and easy to fit into a smaller chassis. Commonly with 364 or 401 cubes, they worked great, but if you were lucky and came across a 425, you really had something special.

What started as a cartoon of a wild hot rod, and a teenage dream in 1960, went on to become one of the most famous, and mysterious show rods of all time. When “The Uncertain-T” first hit the show circuit in 1965, Car Craft Magazine described it as “A real bent out of shape showstopper!” Steve’s abstract characterization of a Model T had a short and very influential career. “The Uncertain-T” won the Sweepstakes Hot Rod Award from under George Barris’ nose. It went on to become a Monogram model kit, tour nationally, win Sweepstakes in every show Steve entered it, and receive a lot of magazine ink. In the 1970s, both Steve and his radical hot rod suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Only a few selected people have seen them since, and numerous rumors about the destiny of Steve and his famous show car have surfaced over the years. For more than 40 years, the “Uncertain-T” was considered lost, and Steve was presumed dead. That was until he made a reappearance on Facebook on November 4, 2012… read more >

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