I’m going to Baja

In the words of Dylan McKay, “I’m going to Baja.” At least, that’s what the motley crew behind these VW Bugs is saying as they head out for the SCORE Baja 400 to kick up a little desert in Baja California, Mexico.

Once again due to the prevailing conditions of COVID-19, the second edition of the SCORE Baja 400 race will have its mechanical review, start and finish in the Ensenada Bypass to Ojos Negros without public access and under the guidelines of a Biosafety Protocol.

The route that was just published will go east towards Ojos Negros and El Álamo passing through Valle de la Trinidad until reaching the iconic “Mikes Sky Ranch” and then heading north first and then turning west until reaching the coast near Colonet going up to San Vicente, Santo Tomás and Uruapan to finally return through Ojos Negros to the goal located in the aforementioned Bypass… read more >

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