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I’m the Wiz and nobody beats me!

In the 161st episode of Seinfeld titled “The Junk Mail” (Season 9 Episode 5), Kramer is annoyed with the catalogs he keeps getting in the mail. Elaine falls in love with a guy because of his smile. George’s parents are avoiding him. Jerry can’t find it in his heart to reject a gift from an old school friend. As usual, there were multiple stories at play in this episode, but Elaine falling for a mysterious guy for reasons unbeknownst to her was my personal favorite.

In short, Elaine has a love at first sight encounter with a fact-checker named Jack, and breaks up with David Puddy so she can date him. While going through an old VHS tape, Jerry discovers a commercial that features Jack as “The Wiz,” a mascot for the electronics store of the same name. He realizes that Elaine’s love at first sight experience is actually her remembering this commercial. Once confronted with this, Elaine wants Puddy back, but he rejects her. She tries to settle for Jack, but to her dismay, he quits his fact-checking job so that he can appear in The Wiz commercials again. Dating is tough, man.

Elaine: “Well, what, what about your fact-checking job?”

The Wiz: “Oh… here’s a fact. Uh, I’m the Wiz! I’m the Wiz and nobody beats me!”

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