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Throughout the 60s and 70s, Colt 45 was marketed towards the suburban white-collar demographic. To this end, in a memorable ad campaign that lasted over 15 years, Billy Van portrayed a gentleman in a suit and tie quietly sitting at a small table and taking little notice of all the activity going on around him, until a waiter or someone showed up with a schooner glass and a can of Colt 45. Music resembling Song of the Nairobi Trio played in the background while a voice-over announcer intoned: “In the dull and commonplace occurrences of day-to-day living, one thing stands out as a completely unique experience: Colt 45 Malt Liquor.” By the late ’70s, Colt 45 had become the alcoholic beverage of choice for inner-city consumers as Billy Dee Williams became their pitchman with his “it works every time” tagline, and a decade later college students had picked up on the malt liquor trend and were also choosing Colt for its ‘extra kick.’

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