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James May Says Every Car Enthusiast Should Drive A VW Beetle

James May has driven virtually every car imaginable in his long and successful career in the motoring journalism field, but believes there is one car which every car enthusiast has to drive.

In a recent video published by Drive Tribe, May sat down with the camera and answered a number of questions submitted by fans. One of these questions was “What car should every petrol-head drive before they die?”

According to May, there are a number of potential answers for this. The Grand Tour host says one of these answers is an Alfa Romeo as the company’s cars allow you to experience “what it’s like to be related in a passionate way with a machine.” Another argument is that all car enthusiasts should drive an original Mini to experience what the pleasures of driving are all about.

For May, however, the answer is an original VW Beetle. Why? Because he believes it is the most interesting car which has ever existed, and also happens to be one of the best-selling cars ever. It may be “terrible”, but that doesn’t take away from its significance in the history of the automobile.

Another interesting question posed was what car May is most excited about driving. His first answer is the Tesla Model 3, particularly since he is tempted to buy one. He also says he is very keen to drive a new McLaren 600LT and will be doing so in the next couple of months. We can’t wait for the 2-minute review of that one… watch the interview here >

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