Jesus is coming…

I’m not sure if this is saying that “Jesus is coming, roll another joint” because it’s good to share, or that you need to be high to talk with him?

Have a Nice Jay 1969 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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Minitruck Bettys

Minitrucking was a scene all its own, and even if you weren’t into them, they had some great events and no shortage of girls. Truckin’

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They Call Him Slowhand

Although famously referred to as God by at least one British graffiti artist, Eric Clapton’s more often used nickname is Slowhand. Clapton earned the moniker

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Blue Dreams

Pretty sure this isn’t an Earl Scheib paint job 😏 https://psyne.co/product/earl-scheib-albuquerque-1937-vintage-t-shirt/

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