Joysticks 1983 – How bad is it?

The early 80s was an interesting time to be a teenager. While I was too young to experience the era myself, it has been well-preserved in the movies, TV, and music that defined it. Two things that rose to prominence in the early days of the 1980s were arcades and teen sex comedies. The little-known film Joysticks mashes the two together, but does it work?

Porky’s more or less set the standard of the early 80s teen sex comedy, which spawned plenty of clones and imitators. The filmmakers obviously used that as inspiration for Joysticks. The movie begins with an over-the-top, nerdy kid driving to his first day of work at the video arcade. At a stop sign, two college co-eds pull up to flirt with the nerd and pull down their tops. Yup, boobs show up in the first few minutes of this movie. Read more >

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