Kelora: the London duo making haunting cyber folk

Ahead of the release of their debut album Gloomerald, the duo Kelora talk of their biggest inspirations, internet obsessions, and favorite conspiracy theories drawing inspiration from sci-fi classics like Solaris, Kelora’s latest album Gloomerald imagines a planet that doubles as an emotional state. “It describes contrasts like shiny darkness and emerald gloom,” bandmates Benedict Salter and Kitty Hall tell me. Formed in Glasgow, the duo are known for their moody take on cyber folk, combining dreamy acoustic balladry with homegrown electronic production, which sits alongside pagan imagery of dimly-lit forests and derelict buildings. “We spent a long time experimenting with different ways of producing our songs and really honed in on the sound we were searching for,” explains Hall. “We were both writing a lot of new songs, and we wanted to give them a whole world to sit in.” Read more >

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