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Kenmore Air: Inside The North American Seaplane Airline

From modest beginnings, Kenmore Air has become a regional seaplane aviation tour de force with 25 aircraft in operation. At the northern tip of Lake Washington is a place called Kenmore, which is home plate for Kenmore Air. Kenmore Air was founded in 1946 by Bob Munro, Reg Collins and Jack Mines with a foundation of “Do the right thing”. From modest beginnings, Kenmore Air has become a regional aviation tour de force with 25 aircraft in operation, 52 pilots on staff and more than 250 employees during peak season providing multiple offerings up to and including international seaplane service.

Kenmore Air started as a Republic Seabee dealer and maintainer for the Northwest, raising the prominence of the Seabee Amphibian. But as the 1950s rolled around, Kenmore Air signed on as an aircraft and parts dealer for the popular Cessna and expanded into providing charter flights. In 1963 Kenmore Air acquired its first De Havilland Beaver, leading to a restoration and modification program specifically for this aircraft. The De Havilland Beaver and Otter between Kenmore Air and Vancouver, BC’s Harbour Air – an airline Simple Flying flew with in 2019 – is synonymous with Pacific Northwest aviation… read more >

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