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Kill Your Television

Ever notice that turning off your TV (or Facebook, Email, etc.) really helps to change one’s mood and overall outlook for the better? Seriously. I’m not even talking about becoming one of those self-aggrandizing “I don’t even own a TV” people that everyone fucking hates. Unplug for a few hours every once in a while and do something. Or do nothing, but stop getting alerted to every email, text message, motion detection, and stop giving your attention to every commercial and pop-up ad. Tune out the world for just a little bit and feel a little bit awesome as a result.

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Half Pipe Days

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Elb Expos WTF?

Les Expos de Montréal began play for the 1969 season as Major League Baseball’s first non-U.S. based franchise. The club was named after the hugely

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Miami cigarettes

Anyone who has spent much time in the Middle East is most likely familiar with Miami cigarettes. Like many others in the region, this Jordanian

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