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Landmark Farris Truck Stop Closing

May 2 will mark the end of an era for Farris Truck Stop in Faucett, Missouri, and it will be a day filled with bittersweet emotions. After that, Farris will become a Pilot Flying J and current owner Mike Farris will hand over the keys to the establishment.

The truck stop opened in 1976 and is perhaps best known for its sign with a 1974 Peterbilt truck with a 1965 Fruehauf trailer mounted 50 feet high.

Amber Cox, an employee at Farris Truck Stop for the past five years, has known the business to be a safe haven throughout her young life.

“To me, it’s always been my special place. It’s always been my home. When I didn’t have nothing else, I had Farris,” Cox said.

She said Mike Farris is the best boss she has ever worked for, and added that being employed at the family-owned business has changed her whole life.

Truck drivers from all over frequent the establishment. Regular customers who stop by just to say hello and to catch up share commonalities with those who work there. Workers learned the names of all of them and know exactly what they need when they come in… read more >

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