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Lauren Scott on life after death, nudes, and losing her arm

“Yeah, I was going way faster than anyone should ever go on a moped. I was being quite a dumbass. About 60mph, I’m pretty sure? 10 miles over the speed limit”.

At or around 3:45am on Wednesday, June 29 2016, 19-year-old DC native Lauren ‘Duck’ Scott smashed into the median strip dividing San Diego’s Cannon Road. Like the city itself, this arterial passage between Faraday Avenue and El Camino Real never stops moving, but Lauren’s accident halted traffic in either direction for hours.

“The scooter was a piece of shit, too. It would always start shaking for no reason. I thought it was pretty exhilarating seeing how fast I could go”. In doing so, she went hurtling into a roadway sign at such an angle her left arm was sheared from her body just below the shoulder… read more >

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