Laverne & Shirley Tribute Brewery Tour

Still pining for a chance to work at the Shotz Brewery from the Happy Days spin off show, Laverne & Shirley? Well, you’re in luck! Lakefront Brewery uses the original bottling line seen in the ’70s TV show, and showers praise on Milwaukee icons Laverne & Shirley during the brewery tours. The original bottling line used in the opening credits was located in Milwaukee’s Schlitz Brewery. After it closed, the bottling line was purchased by the owners of Lakefront Brewery. It is used daily and can be seen during the tour. And yes, the placing of a glove on an assembly line bottle, as seen in the opening credits of the ’70s sitcom, is still promoted as part of the tour, as well as a rendition of the Laverne & Shirley theme song.

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