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like an out of place puzzle piece

Here I lay, I feel alone. The solitude is permeated by the pitter-patter of the rain. I wish I was elsewhere, I wish I was nowhere. I feel a hole in my heart, a burden that weighs on me. I try to fill the void with thoughts of you, but they do not fit, like an out-of-place puzzle piece. No matter how I try twist or turn them, it refuses to conform… read more >

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Dump ‘Em Out

At Mardi Gras, you exchange beads for a quick flash of flesh, but in biker culture, you kindly ask the ladies to dump ’em out

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Real Kragle Glue

While finding a tube of ‘Kragle Glue’ might be near impossible, you can score this sweet vintage style Kragle Glue t-shirt! Instant Kragle 2014 Vintage

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