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Linda Lovelace Was The Girl Next Door Who Starred In The Most Famous Adult Film Of All Time

Linda Lovelace rose to fame after starring in “Deep Throat.” But the story behind the scenes was even more shocking than the film that made her a household name.

Linda Lovelace was a cultural revolutionary largely forgotten to time. Her foray into the adult film industry saw it crawl out of the muck and explode into the mainstream, ushering in the “Golden Age of Porn.” Her starring role in the 1972 movie Deep Throat made her America’s biggest porn star — when the internet was science-fiction and free porn was a myth.

The controversial film was released in theaters at a time when obscenity laws were extreme — and it still became a nationwide phenomenon. Despite its seedy nature and shadowy mob financing, early audiences included high-profile figures like Frank Sinatra and Vice President Spiro Agnew. Some estimated that the movie grossed more than $600 million… read more >

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