Loback Meat Company

The large 1940s era Loback Meat Company sign that spans the aisle of the main arcade in Seattle’s Pike Place Market is well known by locals and tourists alike as you simply can’t ignore its beautiful vintage neon glow as you make your way through the market. While the sign is still there decades later, the butcher shop itself, however, did not persevere. Opened in 1946, Loback’s was one of several butcher shops at the Market, selling specialties such as homemade sausages, goose, and luau pigs in addition to the more standard fare of steaks and hams. After a 40 year run, they closed their doors in 1986, and two separate attempts to revive it failed, closing for good in 1989. Nowadays, the historic space is filled by a shop selling premium sells jams and jellies, and a second business offering dried fruits and chocolates. The classic neon sign remains a fixture of Pike Place Market and will for generations to come as just like many of the market’s unique features, it is actually a historically protected Seattle icon.

Loback Meat Co. 1946 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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