LOTL S01 E02: The Sleestak God

While Will and Holly are supposed to be out getting water, they instead go exploring. Among the things they find are what looks to be a temple, and footsteps. With the latter, they find out that they belong to Cha-Ka, who somewhat trusts them, but still is nervous around those that helped him. Will is able to send a message back to Rick via Morse code to meet them. However, Will and Holly come across something else, namely English words scrawled into a stone face wall, the words being “Beware the Sleestak.” Before they are able to meet up with their father, Will and Holly are abducted by three upright lizard looking creatures, who they assume are the Sleestak, and of whom Cha-Ka is scared. While the three Sleestak hold Will and Holly over a pit with an unseen creature below, Cha-Ka is able to get Rick, the two who hope to save Will and Holly from whatever fate the Sleestak have for them. Via IMDB >


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