Lucky Keizer’s Rolls-Royce Merlin Powered Motorcycle

Lucky Keizer, named the bike after the Rolls-Royce V12 ‘Merlin’ engine that was salvaged from a WWII-era Mosquito bomber. Amazingly, the engine was found lying in an outback Aussie farm. The 1938 R-R V12 ‘Model 25’ engine was beginning to deteriorate, so Lucky made a clever purchase. He then dismantled the engine to work out how best to use it. The Rolls-Royce engineering was most impressive, so Lucky sought to maintain this as he ‘sliced’ two cylinders off the V12 and started work. Made in the ’80s, Lucky says this 5000cc bike can reach 400km/h, or 248.548 MPH for us Yanks. This is cool and all, but I’m not so sure about having my balls so close to the belts driving those massive Rolls-Royce Merlin cams. H/T>

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