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Mablethorpe Sand Race: a uniquely British beach rally

Founded by a group of hard-nosed riders back in the ’70s, the contest is a unique off-road event where one thing is guaranteed: if you’re not getting messy, then you’re not trying hard enough.

Every other Sunday from October to March, a sandy stretch of Lincolnshire coast plays host to one of the most unique racing events in the country. On these select winter mornings, Mablethorpe Beach transforms into a hotbed of activity as people and their motorbikes begin to filter onto the sand.

Against the backdrop of a forgotten seaside resort, the air explodes with the roar of engines as riders make their way to the start line. Overhead, storm clouds hover, threatening rain — but no one seems to bat an eyelid. At the marshal’s signal, the rope drops and the bikes lurch forward, kicking up a wave of sand as they shoot into the distance… read more >

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