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Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd. was a British manufacturing firm, originally based in Coventry and later in Meriden. Founded in 1885, the firm’s humble beginnings focused on bicycles which were initially imported and rebranded for sale under their marquee until they were able to get their own factory up and running. Their bicycles were in high demand, especially by overseas customers, but in 1898 Triumph decided to extend production to include motorcycles, and by 1902, the company had produced its first one – a bicycle fitted with a Belgian Minerva engine. After selling more than 500 motorcycles in 1903, they began production at a dedicated factory. During the first few years, they based designs on those of other manufacturers, but in 1904, they began building models of their own design, and 1905 saw the first entirely house designed motorcycle. They would go on to produce some of the most iconic motorcycles in the world, but sadly, just shy of their 100 year anniversary, Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd. was forced to shutter their factories and went into receivership.

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