Man and Machine, PowerXtreme! Everything You Didn’t Know About Centurions

With a tagline like that, how could anyone forget the Centurions? And yet, this high concept animated series has largely disappeared from geek discourse. It happens when there still hasn’t been a Centurions revival after three decades! Like almost every other animated series from the ’80s, Centurions: PowerXtreme was designed to sell toys. However, it also featured character designs by comic book legends Jack Kirby and Gil Kane, as well as a stellar lineup of writers that included Michael Reaves, Marc Scott Zicree, Larry DiTillio, and Gerry Conway. Iron Man may have predated the show by two decades, but Centurions updated the concept of using high-tech armor in battle. Each of the main heroes could have specialized armor and weapons instantly beamed to their location. Top that, Tony Stark! Read more >

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