Mego Eagle Force Action Figures

Mego’s Eagle Force line was truly a symbol of the times, the early eighties and the election of Ronald Reagan brought about a rise in patriotism and “law and order” that had not been seen in over a decade. Military toys were about to make a comeback and Mego wanted to be on top of the marketplace. On the other side of town, (well in Rhode Island) Hasbro was planning a similar comeback of on their more iconic characters, that of G.I. Joe. Despite being developed independently of one another, similarities arose between Eagle Force and G.I. Joe, with the major difference being the scale of the figures.

According to the official Mego intro piece, Eagle Force was created by the U.S. Government to tackle R.I.O.T (Roving International Organization of Tyranny), a terrorist organization that was driven by world domination. Eagle Force was assembled from the finest of the U.S. armed forces. Led by the eye patched Captain Eagle, Eagle Force was a group of military experts with code names such as Big Bro, Harley, Turk, and The Cat. R.I.O.T was led by the evil General Mamba and his henchmen Savitar the Ninja and the evil Arsonist Beta Man…. read more >

Eagle Force 1982 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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