Miami Vice Was a Series Ahead of Its Time

Miami Vice was truly a series ahead of its time, one that would be embraced with open arms by audiences today, be it on a major network as it originally was, or with one of the many streaming platforms of the present.

As the gap between film and television continues to get ever smaller, it becomes more difficult to recognize which medium is having significant influence over the other. Take the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example. Are series like WandaVision and Moon Knight simply movies dissected into several parts? Or, are the big-screen adventures of Tony Stark and friends just small episodes of a longer narrative? Either way, whether a Marvel Comics property ends up in a movie theater or on a streaming service, audiences now expect both a big budget behind it and stellar storytelling to run throughout. Of course, this wasn’t always the case, and television was often considered the lesser of the two formats. But with shows like Succession, Bridgerton, and Yellowjackets, viewers now anticipate much more than they may have before the likes of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Lost went on air… read more >

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