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my life as a deer

When still a teenager, Geoffroy Delorme dropped out of his lonely childhood to live among the deer and other animals in the woods of Normandy – and stayed for seven years. What did it do to him?

For some time, a fox has been sleeping in our garden. One evening I decide to follow it across the fields at the back of our house and into the forest. I step inside 10 meters, then 10 more – just enough to feel a shiver of adrenaline before turning on my heels. After that first visit, I venture a little further each evening. As soon as the house is asleep, I open my bedroom window, slip behind the hedge and cross the field to the big trees and the bustle of the animals… read more >

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Eastbound & Down

When you roll into the shindig with 400 cases of ice-cold Colorado Kool-Aid straight outta Texarkana 🍺 Bandit Trucking 1977 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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MUBI Cinema Podcast

Curated film streaming service MUBI has today announced the launch of its first ever original podcast. The new audio series, simply titled MUBI Podcast, will

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Miss Chiquita

The company mascot “Miss Chiquita,” now Chiquita Banana, was created in 1944 by Dik Browne, who is best known for his Hägar the Horrible comic

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YouTuber John Reynolds chose a 1973 Super Beetle for his project for a few reasons… first, the flat windshield standard Beetle is way more popular

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