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Mysterion Proved Two Engines Are Better Than One

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Big Daddy” Ed Roth built the fun stuff. The sort of wild and whimsical cars that tickled the fancy and pickled a kid’s imagination for life. Back in the day when Roth was at the peak of his artistic career, creating cars such as the Mysterion, we were all snot-nosed little kids, and it was square to call him “Big Daddy” Ed Roth—simply “Big Daddy” Roth or just “Big Daddy” was how the cool guys said it.

Today, Roth’s Mysterion exists mostly in the memories of those who saw it in person. Fortunately, Jeffery Jones, a guy who’s as much a madman artist as Roth himself, re-created the Mysterion. In fact, the image above is of Jones’s Mysterion. There’s no doubt Jones is the world’s leading authority on Roth’s legendary twin-engined custom car… read more >

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