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Mystery Fun House’s Last Laugh

When most people think of Orlando, Florida, they usually think of two things: Disney World and Universal Studios. But as impressive as those two behemoths are, there’s more to Orlando’s entertainment scene than just that — and more to it than SeaWorld, Medieval Times, the Wet ‘n Wild water park (RIP), and all the other big-name attractions that have opened up their doors in the city over the years, at that. One in particular was unique among the many, many offerings: Mystery Fun House, an Orlando mainstay for nearly a quarter of a century. I say “was” because it’s been closed for almost 20 years now; even so, though, it lingers in the Orlando theme park landscape. I mean that literally as well as figuratively, by the way — folks who visited have fond memories of the place, of course, but if you look out back, you might still be able to spot a moldering wizard head hanging out on the grass… read more >

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