Naked Lady tanks

Unsure who the artist is behind these beauties, but it brings back a memory from junior high. I went home with the new kid, so he could get his skateboard, and we could go session a secret pool spot. Walking up to his otherwise nondescript suburban home, I had no idea what awaited me. Stepping into the front door, the entire entryway was lined with custom Harley tanks adorned with naked women doing all sorts of things – making out with each other, fighting dragons, sleeping, and doing a lot of rather graphic things. Turns out his single dad was an airbrush artist with an affection for old school naked lady pictures and did amazing work. He showed me a few body panels from what appeared to be a Chevelle that he was working on in the basement that were a mix of nude women and flames. In the garage, he had a Chevy shortie van that he was doing a massive Frazetta style barbarian piece that looked like it would touch every panel… wich I had pics of all this stuff, as it was truly stunning work, but my memories will have to do.

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