Nice to see the front of a Monfort Circus Wagon for once…

The trucking community has always had its own language, or lingo. Some phrases, such as the 10-codes, are more universally used, but many other phrases were born in the trucking community. Phrases like, “The coops are open,” or “There’s a full-grown (bear) sittin’ in the comedian, shootin’ ya in the back.” Most of us know and comprehend these phrases. Another phrase, which has all but gone the way of the buffalo, is when someone refers to the left lane as the “Monfort Lane”. This nickname came from a time when Monfort of Colorado was a fleet of recognizable orange, yellow and white rigs (A.K.A. Circus Wagons). Read more >

Monfort of Colorado Trucking 1970 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt


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