Nicolas Cage: Acting with sincerity and embracing the memes

He is one of Hollywood’s great actors. Also, one of the most inscrutable, most eccentric, and most misunderstood. But as Nicolas Cage makes his case here, every extraordinary thing about his wild work and life actually makes perfectly ordinary sense.

Fifteen minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, into a tranquil gated community, up a red-brick driveway, past the palm trees that touch the Mojave Desert sky, through the veil that separates the astral plane, and here he is: the man they say gained and lost a £120 million fortune; who owned castles in Europe and the most haunted house in America and the Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini and two albino king cobras and a rare two-headed snake; who had to return a prized dinosaur skull when he found out it had been stolen from Mongolia; who went on an epic quest for the actual Holy Grail; and who – when his singular, fantastical life eventually comes to an end – will be laid to rest in a colossal white pyramid tomb in New Orleans… read more >

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