Night of the Cobra Woman

Black Horror Hall of Famer Marlene Clark is one mysterious figure. There’s strangely little information on her to be found on the internet, beyond the fact that she’s an ex-model who was once married to Billy Dee Williams (and who presumably to this day can’t get the taste of Colt 45 out of her mouth). One thing that seems clear from her body of work, though, is that she has a fondness for: A) the Philippines and B) snakes. Amidst some success as a Blaxploitation actress in films like Slaughter and Ganja and Hess, as well as integrated work in The Beast Must Die, Switchblade Sisters, and even a recurring role on “Sanford and Son,” she starred as the magical baddie in a pair of serpent-themed Philippine horror movies: Black Mamba and Night of the Cobra Woman… read more >

Night of The Cobra Woman 1972 Vintage Men’s T-Shirt

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