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Nothin’ But A Good Time

On the Sunset Strip, everything was tight: the jeans, the torn T-shirts, the hooks and the drum fills. And of the iconic club where it all went down, the Whisky A Go Go, each night was packed with voracious fans looking to feast their eyes upon who may be the next great hair band.

Hair metal was a scene, born from word of mouth and generating real heat on the streets of Los Angeles. It was a heat that could be felt worldwide – one that rebellious youth could warm their cold hands on. Young men and women heard the siren’s call and knew that someone out there, far off in the streets of Los Angeles, knew exactly the medicine they needed. And what was that medicine? To party. Party like the walls of society were crumbling around you; and with each rumbling pillar that rolled to your feet, you would let out a rebel yell, throw the devil horns into the air, and… Bang. Your. Head… read more >

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