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Old-School Hot Rods Built in a One-Car Garage

Mike Walsh’s Early Vette Shop (EVS) in Shohola, Pennsylvania, is a champion of ‘glass-bodied Chevys and exotic sports rides alike. It’s also a popular hub of hot rodding nestled in the Pocono Mountains, about 70 miles west of the Big Apple. The shop has become a go-to for Tri-state car aficionados looking for a place to hang out and talk shop while letting Walsh do what he does best: bring dusty and tired road-ragers back to life.

Dave Baur lives just down the road from the EVS. He’s one of its frequent visitors and is a true-blue hot rodder, without question. Dave usually pulls up in one of his two custom-made roadsters: a W-motored, road-munching 1930 that he puts through the paces daily, or a flathead-fueled 1929 phaeton hybrid he’s been wrenching on for the last few years. Both cars were skillfully made from the spare and unwanted parts that were discarded by others. And it’s well known that Dave built every inch of both of these asphalt eaters by himself at his personal country home and fab shop, a place affectionately referred to around EVS as the “Shed.” Read more >

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