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Old School Hot Rods Will Never Die

It’s hard not to imagine the California sun when picturing a traditional hot rod. You think of John Milner’s yellow ’32 Deuce being the fastest car in the valley, or Martin Sheen driving a chopped ’34 Ford dubbed the California Kid. It’s easy to wonder what happened to all these hot rods, and custom-with-a-K cars that used to roam the sunshine state. Filmmaker Ben Kahan of Four Speed Films is answering this question by interviewing those who own and still drive these custom pieces of automotive history… read more >

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Godless times

Margaret White: I’m here on the Lord’s work, Mrs. Snell; spreadin’ the gospel of God’s salvation through Christ’s blood! Mrs. Snell: Yes, of course… Margaret

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76 Streaker van

Here is a look at an amazing ’76 Streaker van by Gerring. This time capsule is truly all original with just 9,324 miles, and nothing

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