Overdrive Magazine Announces Last Print Edition

During one of my journalism classes in the early ’70s at the University of Tennessee, a vendor came in to give us a glimpse of the future newsroom: a computer for writing and editing stories.

There was no talk then of everyone having their own computer, and virtually each one being able to talk with every other computer on earth, and all that would portend. But even before people were pinching and zooming on pocket-sized screens, the efficiency of the internet made it clear that reader and advertiser support for the expensive business model of printing and delivering periodicals would dwindle one day.

Now the day has come for Overdrive Magazine. The December issue is our last print edition. The good news is that it’s anything but a funeral for our expanding ability to deliver valuable information to owner-operators, most of whom have already been drifting away from their ink-stained first love… read more >

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