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Overnite Transportation Co. was an LTL leader

J. Harwood Cochrane founded his first transportation company in 1929. Cochrane, who became one of the best-loved and influential men in transportation history, started by hauling milk in Virginia using a horse named Charlie. The company was founded out of necessity when Cochrane’s father passed away when he was 16, and he needed to support his family.

In 1930, Cochrane and his brother Calvin entered into business together under the name Cochrane Transportation. The brothers primarily hauled furniture. Brotherly love was not enough to keep the company afloat, however, and the brothers went their separate ways in 1934. The following year, at 22 years old and unable to ignore the call of the transportation industry, Cochrane founded Overnite Transportation Co. He started the company with just one tractor, one trailer and one straight truck. In the same year, the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) began to regulate the trucking industry… read more >

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