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Pamela Anderson Girl Racing

Back in July of 1996, a 29-year-old Pamela Anderson wore this Girl Racing design on a half-shirt to the Video Software Dealers Convention in Los Angeles as she signed 8 x 10 glossies for fans. This was about a year after Pamela and her then-husband Tommy Lee became stars of the first viral video as their stolen home sex tape hit the internet after it was published by Seth Warshavsky’s Internet Entertainment Group (IEG).

Anderson and Lee filed a $90 million copyright infringement suit against IEG in 1998 to claim a share of the profits of the video of them. A U.S. district court judge dismissed the case, ruling that the duo gave up their rights when they agreed to let IEG webcast the footage. Following appeals, Anderson and Lee were awarded a $1.5 million judgment plus court costs and attorney fees in December 2002.

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