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Phantasm: Remastered Shines and Terrifies Again in 4K

I was first introduced to Phantasm almost two decades ago. I had discreetly rented the tape from Blockbuster (that whole “not being 18” thing was a problem). To say that Don Coscarelli took me on a wild ride was an understatement. Terrifying, funny and weird at the same time, Phantasm quickly became one of my favorite films. Now, almost 40 years after the Tall Man first terrorized Mike and Reggie, the Phantasm series is getting a much longed-for sequel in Ravager. In addition, thanks to series fan J.J. Abrahms and his company Bad Robot Productions, we now have a brand new 4K restoration of the original film (entitled Phantasm: Remastered) that made its debut at this year’s SXSW festival. Nostalgia be damned, Phantasm still holds up after all these years. But is the restoration as kind as time? Read more >

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