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Photos of Obsessive Collectors With Their Collections

Callum O’Keefe explores the all-consuming nature of collecting in ‘Antiques of the Future Past,’ his solo show at the Photobook Café that showcases obsessive collectors with their collections.

Back in the bad old days of the pandemic – when literally nobody was allowed to go out and do normal stuff, you know, like sit on a park bench –photography students had to graduate without putting on their traditional university degree shows. So VICE asked the class of 2021 to send in their best work and, once everything calmed down a bit, we put on an actual show for them with the kind folks at the Photobook Café.

We also ran a competition to pick the best of the best among them, with five winners all given the chance to put on their first solo show at the newly remodeled Photobook Café, which – full disclosure – is looking pretty damn good. Callum O’Keefe’s Antiques of the Future Past is our first winner of the lot. The Merthyr Tydfil-based photographer and UWE Bristol graduate is exhibiting a series of work that explores collecting – the subculture, the hobby and the act of putting together a body of work that expresses something greater than its singular parts. Much like a photography portfolio itself, actually… read more >

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