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Pistachio Promises Goes Greasy Side Up

A well-known driver walked away from a crash that totaled his beloved Pistachio colored rig in Arizona on Monday. The accident happened on October 17th near Chambers, Arizona. According to Facebook posts by the driver’s wife and friends, trucker Mike Hicks was driving through Arizona when a four-wheeler entered his lane. Hicks then reportedly took evasive maneuvers to avoid smashing the motorist, which led to his truck overturning. The motorist then reportedly fled the scene.

The beloved ‘Pistachio Promises’ will be missed, but everyone is just happy Mike is okay. You can watch some video of the aftermath of the wreck, here.

The truck landed on its roof, trapping Hicks inside. Thankfully, fellow trucker Keith Spurgeon was able to pull Hicks from the wrecked rig and offer him a blanket and support while they waited for first responders to arrive. “Thank you for pulling him out of the truck, covering him up with furniture blankets to keep him warm & continued to talk to him keeping him awake until the ambulance got there,” wrote Justina Hicks, the trucker’s wife, in a Facebook post. “I really appreciate you sharing the story of him kissing the cross on his necklace & thanking you and Jesus for saving him. You truly are a lifesaver! Please tell any others that helped how much we appreciate yall!!!” Read more >

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