Planes, Trains and Automobiles

John Candy on reading the script of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (1987) for the first time: “I just cried with laughter when I read it. It’s like it was written with me in mind, which makes a big difference. I could see just see the movie in my mind.”

Steve Martin talked in an interview about Candy and his similarities with the character of Del: “Well, he was a very sweet guy. Very sweet… and complicated. And so, he was always friendly, always outgoing, and you know, funny and nice and polite, but I could tell he had kind of a little broken heart inside him.”

Prior to shooting, Candy arrived with exercise equipment for him to use during production. Crews had installed a treadmill, bench press, weights, and other exercise gear in his hotel suite. Martin said Candy never used any of it.

John Hughes originally wanted Tom Hanks for the role of Neal Page and John Travolta for the role of Del Griffith. Hanks was unavailable since he was busy shooting “Big” (1988). Paramount executives did not want Travolta in the movie because he was considered “box office poison” at the time.

Future “Star Trek Voyager” star Jeri Ryan was cast as an extra in the bus scene, but her part was cut from the final release. Hughes decided to dismiss the nineteen-year-old because after several takes, she couldn’t stop laughing at Martin and Candy’s antics. Ryan had no lines in the scene, but her uncontrolled laughter became too much of a distraction. After Ryan left, Hughes reshot the scene without her. (IMDb)

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