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Pontiac’s 1965 Hurst GeeTO Tiger Is Probably The Most Famous GTO Out There

Back in 1965, Pontiac’s advertising executive Jim Wangers teamed up with Royal Pontiac, George Hurst and Petersen Publishing to boost the sales of performance parts and the GTO. It resulted in a famous song called the ‘GeeTO Tiger’, signed by ‘The Tigers’.

The big prize of the contest was a special 1965 Pontiac GTO, finished in Hurst Gold, with gold-plated shifter and fitted with plenty of factory options, including the four-speed manual transmission. It was won by a last-minute entrant 19-year old Alex Lampone of West Allis, Wisconsin, who got the keys to the car at the NHRA Indy Nationals from George Hurst himself and drove it for a few years, before parting ways with it… read more >

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